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Hip Bags/Crossbody

Miche, known for “interchangeable” handbags, also has a fabulous line of accessory bags, hip bags, otherwise known as “crossbody” bags, that are the perfect solution to carrying light, or a quick ride to the store. College students, high school students, and the “woman on the go” love something simple and light for those short trips where they simply don’t have to “carry it all”!


Blair Hip Bag (9960810956)
9 in stock
Brookview Hip Bag (10665903820)
3 in stock
Cathy Hip Bag (9174647052)
6 in stock
Cori Hip Bag (9174586700)
6 in stock
Darcy Hip Bag (133248712729)
1 in stock
Dee Hip Bag (9391044812)
Harlem Hip Bag (10666309452)
7 in stock
Haven Hip Bags - 2 Colors (10665988812)
Jennica Hip Bag (86890709017)
4 in stock
Kasi Hip Bag (9174605260)
Leslie Hip Bag (9607413068)
Mariah Hip Bag (10665854092)
Porsha Cintura Hip Bag (216039096345)
2 in stock
Porter Hip Bag (9391223948)
Rebekah Hip Bag (90674954265)
Reed Hip Bag (90673446937)
9 in stock
Reggie Hip Bag (86889267225)
1 in stock
Shelby Tech Hip Bag (9174649676)
Siren Hip Bag (9174587148)
10 in stock
Star Hip Bag (9174636492)
Stella Hip Bag (10873393420)
Sunny Hip Bag (9849357644)
9 in stock
Teal Hip Bag (9607801164)
2 in stock
Verona Hip Bag (10068385420)
8 in stock
Whimsy Hip Bag (10314497356)
10 in stock
Black & White Clutch (9174601228)
Metallic Berry Clutch (9637553420)
Jamie Hip Bag (9174622284)
Sold Out
Jamie Hip Bag - RETIRED

1 review
$ 38.00
Jude Hip Bag (9699549708)
Sold Out
Vienna Hip Bag (10889430604)
Sold Out
Aimee Centura Hip Bag (122262978585)
Sold Out
Aubrey Hip Bag (9607830796)
Sold Out
Black Hip Bag (106715119641)
Sold Out
Char Hip Bag (90669809689)
Sold Out
Jayla Hip Bag (132664459289)
Sold Out
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