In March of 2016, Miche closed their doors in the U.S. With so many Miche lovers out there, finding Miche had been getting harder and harder to come by. In November 2016, Purse Schwag was created to form one goal, to keep Miche alive! 

Fast forward to August 2021, four passionate woman who never gave up on their love for Miche, brought Miche back to the United States! Parsons Purses and Purse Schwag joined forces and acquired the Miche patents and trademarks. You will soon see our branding changed over to MICHE.

Miche Lives a/k/a Miche 2.0 a/k/a Miche will work with all of you original Miche shells, bases, handles and accessories. We currently have the largest inventory selection remaining and want you to buy with confidence. All items are brand new, unless otherwise stated. We inspect all products prior to shipment and we will have new inventory arriving shortly. Some items are limited, so check back often. 

We greatly appreciate our Miche fans who have stuck with us throughout the years and still hold a special place in your heart for Miche. We have been listening to you! More information to come as it rolls out. We will be doing a slow roll out and building the company back to its former glory, but Miche is back! 

Should you need to contact us You can call or text us at (559) HAND-BAG (426-3224) or questions@michelives.com and we will be happy to talk to you too!