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Shannon Hope Prima - !ULTRA RARE! - RETIRED

$ 60.00

We have run out of stock for this item.

Once upon a time, Miche Bag announced a version of the Hope shell called Shannon. Collectively, Miche Bag distributors and reps worked to donate $1,000,000 to cancer research from the sales of the Hope shell.  The Shannon shell was released to re-energize and to further the efforts of reaching that goal by the end of 2010.  Only 1,600 Shannon shells were put into production as an incentive for remarkable accomplishments with the Hope product. The shell was never placed on the market for sale and was only given to qualifying representatives.


The Hope Shannon Shell for Prima features black inspirational quotes written diagonally and horizontally around the entire Shell on a soft pink-toned faux leather. Casual yet unique, Love is a must-have! With each Hope Shell sold, a portion of the proceeds were donated to charity.

Pairs with either our Fashion HandlesBlack Rope Handles and Silver Carabiners. Also try our Silver Straps with Silver Chains!

Base bag, handles or hardware not included.  

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